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The sale of a property through an owner or partner agent requires advertisement on a credible marketplace. This is where Zillow comes in. It is the platform that offers real estate holders to put their homeads for sale.

It was launched in 2006 by Richard N. Barton and Lloyd Frink, the ex-Microsoft executives. The website was a massive hit from the beginning. It attracted more than 1 million visitors within 3 days of its inauguration. Subsequently, the brand has slowly progressed to capture the real estate market using its home sale revenues and easy-to-find listings.

Keep reading this article to learn all about Zillow’s services and the solutions you need!

What Are The Reasons That Prevent Sale Property From Showing Up On Zillow?

Considered the U.S.’s largest property page for real estate databases, Zillow is an essential property page for you to leverage whether you’re an owner or a registered sales agent.

But if your Zillow listings are pending or not showing up, we have some solutions for a quick workaround!

Reason 1: Another rental source has already listed your property

Hiring multiple partner agents for your home sale can be a problem!

Zillow list out only those properties which have been listed out once. If there’s more than one mention of your home on the property page, the rejection possibility of your listings will be high.


Cross-check with your agents, if there are more than one, to ensure that there’s a single article for the sale of your house. Avoid redundant Zillow’s listings for the same real-estate holding.

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Reason 2: Your ad listing is in a rental community

Zillow allows you to advertise free of cost. However, if your listing is in a large rental Zillow group, the page will not allow a zero-cost advertisement and report it as pending.


You can enable your listing to show up by pre-signing a multi-family agreement with the platform with a financial investment. Doing so will ensure that the housing management company of your locality faces no hard time in handling the sale account database.

Reason 3: Your property status is inactive on MLS

Whether you’re making the sale of your houses via a realtor or through MLS, your housing ad must be pre-active from the ad source. After which, you’re supposed to syndicate it to Zillow. However, if the status of your home ad is still inactive or pending with the seller, Zillow will not be able to change or procure it from the original account.

It is the most frequent occurrence of why are there no listings on Zillow showing to your new home buyer.


The most important rule for Zillow advertisement is its syndication with the platform. The real-estate database can’t retrieve the property from a third-party source or from beyond its inventory. That’s why the seller must send it over to Zillow, including all the necessary information relevant to attract any prospective buyers.

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Reason 4: The same home ad is advertised for sale and rent

The major restriction with Zillow is that it allows ads in only one category of topics on its site. So, if you want to publicize your listing details for lenders and home buyers under the FSBO category simultaneously, your listing will not show up in search results.


To advertise your houses for sale in the FSBO account, it’s crucial for you to remove them from the ‘Rent’ category.

For doing so, you need to select the listing and contact the advertising authority and make changes to the home sale item at the source only. After which, Zillow will remove the advertisement within 24 hours.

Reason 5: It has been less than 24-48 hours after sending the new title ad to Zillow

Has it already been an hour, and you’re thinking, ‘why is my listing not showing up on Zillow?’

Well, it’s common to get excited about seeing your home property on the FSBO page for sale. But, it takes time for the database status to change and update the listing on Zillow with your information.


Pre-activate your home sale ad on the original platform before sending over the information to Zillow. If the status of your listing is ‘pending’ at the source, the real-estate service database won’t consider it relevant to show in the active category.

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Reason 6: Your rental listing is within a specific area requiring an intermediary platform

If you’re posting your home in New York from any other source than StreetEasy, your ad will not show up or remain pending. Essentially, the companies like Zillow and Trulia allow the closing of only those sale advertisements on their site page, which come straight from StreetEasy.


Since StreetEasy is the real-estate giant for accurate home ads and up-to-date apartment information, many platforms don’t approve other sites as reliable. So, if you want your buyers to find you easily, it’d be helpful if you sign up on StreetEasy before home listing on Zillow.

Reason 7: Your Zillow listing pending ad falls in the category of ‘Room for Rent’

Zillow doesn’t have the feature to change your home listing from the ‘Room for rent’ category. That’s why, if sellers report problema with pending articles in this rental category, the complete ad will be rejected without any previous intimation.


Since Zillow doesn’t allow making any change in this category, you will have to take down the previous listing. After removing the complete ad for house rent, exercise some additional caution while curating a new one to ensure that your publicization comes to the notice of buyers.

Reason 8: Your home sale ad is moved to ‘pending’ on MLS

Since the real-estate database requires pre-activated ads for its platform, if your MLS decides to report your commercial post in the pending category, it won’t show up.


Don’t let the thought ‘why is my MLS listing not showing up on Zillow’ trouble you too much. See to it that your house sale ad is active for buyers and running on the source platform. If not, contact your sales agent for further assistance.

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Reason 9: Your real estate agent has opted out of the data flow

If your area offers the option to opt-out of sharing data feed with Zillow or Trulia, your sales agents might select the same.

Now, since there’s no information flow between the origin and real-estate advertisement platform, Zillow will not categorize your home listing as active. This makes for one of the most common reasons behind the query of ‘why is MLS listing not on Zillow.’


Ensure that your sale agent has permitted the MLS feed to share the active listings with Zillow.

Reason 10: Your real estate agents have provided incorrect information for your home sale

Zillow requires you to enlist articles with all the necessary information to make it easier for a buyer. If you can’t find a reason in the FSBO service section for ‘why did Zillow declined my listing,’ this could be it.


One of the most important checks you need to ensure before listing your home is Zillow’s requirements. The platform mandates information upload with proper guidelines compliance such as properties’ price verification, no links in flat descriptions, etc. Please make it a point to get a knowledgeable real estate agent aware of the essentials to add for a listing .

You must follow each of these listing aspects without fail if you don’t want Zillow or Trulia to report problems and stop ad access.

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Reason 11: You do not have a multi-family subscription for multi-family rental advertising

Pending on Zillow means that you do not have access to proceed with your post advertisement.

Zillow allows only paid advertising to sellers for units of buildings with 50 or more spaces in the market. It enlists the multi-family post under a single building address for a quick search option. It further creates a sub-stream of other listings with individual floor links that you can search for under the same address.


You need to ensure that you’ve signed for Zillow rental advertising if you have more than one unit to manage and offer in a multi-family form for buyers.

Note: Changed Zillow’s page policy can also be an answer to your question of ‘why is my Zillow rental listing not showing up?’


If you’re out to sell your property, listing on portals like Zillow is a must. The site offers adequate ad exposure to interested buyers. Additionally, it also ensures the advantage of striking a fair deal whether you negotiate through a realtor or under the FSBO category as an owner. Always be sure to follow their rules.

However, there might be incidents when your listing article is nowhere found despite searching for hours. Even after pre-approval and feedback, the real estate platform still reports house sale notice as inactive.

This situation can make anyone uncomfortable, especially if you’re a first-time seller. But you don’t need to worry anymore about selling your home listing at a reasonable price.

Merely by ensuring that your post follows all the necessary instructions, you can control your overthinking mind from questioning, ‘why is my rental listing not showing up on Zillow?’ One of the easy ways to do so is by hiring a real estate assistant to manage and regulate your listings for any real estate advertisements!

The final word of advice?

Get yourself an informed agent if you want to create a good listing article for selling and renting your house to a suitable buyer.

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